Sunday, December 30, 2012

An Afternoon at Ngong Ping

Day 1

After 6 years, we finally returned to HongKong for some family bonding and R&R  It may be the same country but we are now older and there are more places to go to. This is the first time we will be celebrating New Year's Eve outside of our home which makes everything all new. Since we were free rolling it, I was pretty much hoping all plans and wishes could be accommodated.

We got stuck in the airport for about an hour to sort out some kinks. Dad's phone had no service and the problem of where to leave our bags. So we chilled.

After an express train ride from the airport (HK$60) we had lunch and spent the early afternoon at Tung Chung, the outlet mall.  Sans Levi's, Timberland and Giordano, most of the stores were not familiar to me.  With a shopping not really a priority in this trip, we limited the shopping to essentials, like Dad's pants.  Mom bought me and Sister cool wraps from Giordano and her pasalubong to our Aunt.   Food was ok, filling and yummy enough which had us raving to go back.  The dining area was just unbelievably full.  And no one practices CLAYGO.   We're on a budget so nothing expensive in this trip.

Up next was to go to Ngong Ping, where we fell in line for hours going to and from the mountain.  But it was a new place I haven't been to and we had a lot of photos.  The cable ride home though, had us literally freeze our butts off. We were prepared for cold weather but not freezing weather. It was our first time to ride a cable car at night that I didn't enjoy because I was too busy keeping Busy Boy warm.

Our apartment was luckily in the same island of Lantau but we had to leave our luggage in the airport.  Dinner once more at Food Channel plus two bus trips later, we were at New Town Plaza mall in Shatin and walking home to an almost bare residence. Fatigue got the better of us and we did fall asleep but I woke up to COLD. As in! Need to do something about it, soon.

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