Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012

Day 2 of our Family New Year travel.

With sore legs and chilled bones, we were all up late on the last day of year. Since our apartment had no stored food, we had brunch at the Fairwood in the unbelievable 10minute away Ikea Shatin branch. The lady was all Chinese and Sister just ordered for us since all we could do was gesture and point.

Ikea is one store I can't get enough of. And it was nice that Mama was able to finally shop to her heart's content.  Ikea is a home store that sells anything and everything you need to build and furnish your home.

For this trip, one of our To Dos to replenish our 'down to 3 plates' dinnerware which we got from Ikea The Curve (KL) almost 5 years ago. The dark gray color was no longer available so we had to settle with a lighter gray shade. And it was such a joy to discover they also sell in retail, since we didn't need the entire set. And I got a new egg timer, tealights and a can opener. One happy Mushamommy here.

After spending most of the midday in Ikea and New Town Mall (tried out St Alps black tea and got disappointed with Page One bookstore as the boys went to Toy Kingdom), we had an early dinner/late merienda at 5pm. We then decided to go to the mainland and check out the activities there. Since it was New Year's Eve and we were in Chinese territory, I thought the celebration would be spectacular. Well, I thought wrong. We were lucky the cab driver allowed all 5 of us in one car, but he did remind us that going to Harbour City would be 'congest' because of the festivities.

At Victoria Harbour, I finally got to cross out another To Do which was to buy MAC powder. Its something that I hope I won't have to buy in the Philippines.. Its to expensive, compared to buying abroad. Too bad I did not bring my used compacts and avail of the 'Back to Mac' promo.  Then we had to walk thru the Harbour City mall to get to the viewing deck, where it was filled with yuppies, teens, couples waiting for the Symphony of Lights. This is one show I won't miss when we go back.

After the disappointing 1 hour show of lights, we took the bus back to Shatin and the family decided to have a New Year's Eve dinner at Pho 24. Its a New Year's Eve like no other because there was less fire works and we were eating out a good family dinner. Best bonding moment!

Happy New Year!!

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